Business Succession Transition Team

The Exit Plan -- Timing and Teamwork are Critical:

For most owners in the govcon space, the single most important event in their financial lives will be their exit from the business. But, according to the Exit Planning Institute, over 75% of business owners wind up regretting the sale of their company because it did not accomplish their business or personal objectives. Jamie incorporates exit strategies into the financial plans of all govcon owners so that they are always prepared to evaluate exit opportunities on short notice.

Our specialized services and extensive experience in a wide range of industries allows us to serve a wide range of business owners and their advisors, including:

  • Attorneys and Accountants
  • Trust and Estate Advisors
  • Commercial / Private / investment Bankers
  • Insurance Specialist
  • Benefits Specialists
  • Valuation Specialist
  • ESOP Specialists
  • Executive Compensation Specialists
  • Property & Causality Specialists

We have direct access to a wide range of related services for preserving, protecting and transitioning your assets, including:

  • Estate Services
  • Trustee & Fiduciary Services
  • Investment Management Services
  • Real Estate and Specialty Asset Management
  • Life Management Services
  • Wealth Planners
  • Business Advisory Services

In addition to creating an exit plan well before it is needed, Jamie also assembles a team of experts that his clients can rely on for a wide variety of services related to the Sale or transition of the business. He maintains alliances with deal-oriented professionals who focus on preparing businesses for transactions and shepherding them through the process. His network includes:

Few transactions require all of these resources, but Jamie helps his clients connect with the individuals needed to manage expectations and maximize value at this critical juncture in the life of the business and the owners.