Having a Clear Focus on Exceptional service:

Jamie's 25 years experience as a Financial Advisor serving individuals and their families, corporate executives and private business owners with the intent to deliver financial insights other advisors might miss.

Jamie's team specializes in two areas 

1. Business Advisory Services, including, exit strategies, succession planning, closely held asset management, M&A Advisory services, and ESOP.

2. Wealth Management, including investment consulting, advanced estate planning strategies, and relationship management.

Jamie's ideal clients are government contracting business owners and C level executives in privately held business including minority and veteran owned operating companies around the nation's capital.

For all my government contracting clients I’m recommending a Business Succession Review as it focuses on five critical themes—transition and exit planning, valuation, retaining key employees, wealth transfer planning, and retirement planning. Together, we’ll work to understand and discuss the five following areas:

1. When and how you plan to transition from your business

2. What you think your business is worth and when a formal valuation may be necessary

3. Your thoughts on identifying, retaining and rewarding your key employees

4. How your goals for your business are coordinated in your overall estate plan

5. What retirement means to you as a business owner

As a business owner, you’ve spent much of your efforts and many resources on growing and managing a successful company. With a focus on the day-to-day running of your business, you may have had little time or energy to think about succession planning. However, planning for how you will transition your business is a critical yet often overlooked step that involves several considerations which can have a significant impact on your estate planning and legacy goals for you, your business and your family

As part of our commitment to our clients and to help you build, manage, preserve and transition your wealth, I’d like to introduce you to our free complementary services

For my new potential business owners I offer a free Business Succession Review process. This process was developed specifically for business owners like you, this process is the foundation for fully understanding and assessing your business planning goals and needs, determining appropriate next steps, and developing a tailored action plan that integrates both your business and personal legacy.