The Advantage of Focused Expertise:

In today's competitive government contracting enviroment successful executives manage projects so that every task is performed by someone with a clear knowledge of the objective and the skills and expertise to get the job done. The advantage of effective delegation and oversight is rarely disputed in the workplace, yet so many professionals check that wisdom in the office when they go home and try to manage investments without expert help.

Jamie Waldren works closely with clients to discover and clearly define their goals and to connect them with investment consultants who can help them build a portfolio designed to meet those goals. Think of the effort that you put into building the skillset and knowledge that have made you a success, and then imagine working with professionals who have dedicated that kind of energy to developing a thorough understanding of specific investment products and industry sectors. You’ve already got a very demanding full-time job. Your financial future should not be a hobby—it should be managed by professionals focused on supporting your efforts to achieve financial security.

Jamie's clients look to him to provide exceptional investment opportunities not widely available. Our team of investment strategists is focused on delivering institutional-quality investment services suitable for the ultra-high-net-worth investor. We sift through the global set of investment choices to provide you with the sophisticated, customized solutions that only a diversified financial services firm can provide. We are positioned as a client’s global wealth advisor to:

  1. Combine traditional strategic and tactical asset allocation

  2. Leverage longer-term structural investment opportunities

  3. Identify thematic investments directed at emerging social, political and economic trends when they may benefit your portfolio and goals

  4. Access hedge funds, private capital investments, private real estate, real assets and fixed income and equities that are often not available to most investors