About Jamie Waldren

My personal loss inspired a passion for Wealth Management and to help people make smart decisions about money. After growing up in the Midwest, my parents taught me valuable lessons about the importance of:

  • Working hard and staying focused,
  • Honoring commitments and responsibilities,
  • Standing up to life’s challenges, and

Recognizing the opportunities that life presents.

These lessons served me well early on in life as I worked my way through college on football scholarship while earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Missouri Western University, located in St Joseph, Missouri.

Just a few years after graduation while working my way up the corporate ladder with a Fortune 100 company, I faced one of the most difficult challenges of my life when my  father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 56. My father had not made any plans for his estate, and the resulting lack of planning caused my mother to suffer through the most emotionally difficult and financially trying period in her life. The confusion and uncertainty caused by my dad failure to plan for the   family’s financial future before his untimely passing inspired me to shift my career from working up the corporate ladder to personal wealth management.

It has been many years since my dad and mom have passed away and my personal commitment to my profession, his clients and my community have earned me numerous credentials and opportunities, such as:

The Certified Financial Planner™ designation awarded by the College of Financial Planning,

Financial Advisor positions with several prestigious wealth management firms in the DC area, including his current position at Wells Fargo, and Chair of the Investment Committee of the Mid-Atlantic Foundation of the United Methodist Church.

I've built a successful business advisory and wealth management practice advising individuals and business owners in the government contracting community around the nation's capital about their financial planning options in building and selling their business as well as how to retire and maintain their financial independence.

I live in Highland, MD with my wife Nora and our two children, Matthew and Alexandria. 

I count my many blessings the fact that the values my parents instilled in me have made it possible for me to plan and provide a more certain financial future for my family and clients who have entrusted me with their investments.