Having the right professionals on your team is key to success and achieving all that is important to you.

Many aspects of your comprehensive wealth management plan and the sub-plans necessary to accomplish objectives along the way will require you to engage additional professionals who specialize in particular areas of finance, accounting and law. Technically, these people work for you. In reality, though, they all have additional obligations to external authorities. For example,

  • Attorneys and tax experts provide options for structuring assets and transactions in a manner that complies with laws and regulations.

  • Accountants make sure that financial information meets certain published standards.

  • Bankers help you structure financing, but their first obligation is to their bank.

Throughout these projects, Jamie serves as the one resource entirely focused on aligning each action with your long-term goals and objectives. From your initial discovery session to your retirement date and beyond, he coordinates and calibrates the efforts of all these professionals to make sure that your best interests are served.