The “Prime Contractor” for Your Wealth Management

Prime contractors deliver value to the government both by performance of specified contract tasks and by management of subcontractors performing component tasks. Similarly, Jamie delivers value to govcon executives by providing some wealth management services personally and by connecting his clients with a network of financial and business professionals who possess specialized skill sets needed to help them achieve specific objectives.

Jamie delivers an extensive array of wealth management services based on the following formula:

Comprehensive Wealth Management =

Investment Consulting + Advance  Planning + Relationship Management

His 20 years of experience qualify him as a top-notch wealth manager in each of these key areas, but they have also taught him the value of building a wealth management team and connected him with many niche experts who bring to the table deep knowledge of complex financial specialties. Jamie focuses first and foremost on your goals and objectives and works to get you access to the best professionals available to help you achieve them.